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21660 Nauvo

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We have two saunas, Small sauna for max. 4 persons and bigger called Caracalla for appr. 15 persons. Both saunas are located in a quiet and peaceful bay.


​Approx. 15 person sauna with a big porch to cool off on. Two showers and of course the sea right in fron of te sauna.

Small sauna

​For max. 4 persons, located only a few meters from the sea. Suitable for families or small groups.

Sauna Prices

Sauna (a-license)
Prices for groups groups ( incl. towels), click here

Prices for accommodation/harbour guests, click here

Caracalla (15 persons)
Small Sauna (max. 4 persons)

Both saunas are traditional Finnish saunas right by the sea. Very refreshing to take a dip in the sea between sauna bathing!

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