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Taste of Bread!

Pensar Syd offers inspiring program, experience and adventure.

Let yourself be inspired of breadbaking.

The courseleader is Eva Johansson who has learnt her skills from the Swedish baking guru Jan Hedh. You need no prior experience, but interest and will to create the most aromatic and artistic bread sortiment.

Courses: 3 days - starting and ending in the afternoon.

​Real baking - wonderful, lovely tasty braed!

The methodes we use is poolish, starter (sourdough) and levain (wild yeast). The doughs rise several times and we have silky doughs to bake.

Course program

First day

​Departure from Käldinge in Nauvo. Driving instructions - click HERE. After arrival we make some preparations for the next day, starters, poolish etc.The day we end with dinner.

Second day

​After breakfast we talk about equipment, flour, ovens and methodes and of course bake lovely bread. The day will end will with sauna and dinner.

Last day

​We bake again ... and refresh our memory. After lunch Bye bye and departure.

Price 290€/person incl. course, accommodation in 2person apartments, all meals, sauna, transportation with taxi boat from/to Käldinge.

Welcome to Pensar Syd - the "strawberryfields" of the Archipelago!

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