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Kayaking in Archipelago

Ride the waves & and enjoy local produce

In the archipelago they say that sea air grows the apetite. At least we think so! Come with us and try if it is true! At first we will enjoy the beautiful archipelago in kayaks. While kayaking you will experience a new beautifull scenery behind every island. When our hunger starts to grow we turn our kayaks towards Pensar. The coulinary experience of our trip awaits us at restaurant Solsidans Kosthåll ( in English Synny side Bistro). After the dinner you have some options; we can paddel back to our starting place or take the boat taxi to your starting point (add on). You can also stay on Pensar Syd for a night and try Finnish sauna (add on).


We can start the kayakingtrip at three places, Pensar, Granvik or Kirjais. Dinner is served at restaurant Solsidans Kosthåll, Pensar Syd.


On order (booking at least one week in advance), spring, summer and autumn.


Easy, paddling distance from 5 to 15 km or 2-4 hours (according to the group and the weather) in safe paddling waters.


All kayaking gear (kayak, paddel, lifejacket, sprayskirt and watertight bags for spare clothes and gear) coffe/te during the trip, dinner at Pensar Syd, menus vary daily, click here



Further options

Accommodation, sauna or conferens at Pensar Syd.

The fishermans old home at Kråkskär, in the Archipelago National park - a step back in time.

​By Kayak, 2 days. We start from either Pensar, Granvik or Kirjais Routemap included.


On order during spring, summer and autumn.


Intermediate, about 40km one way. The outer part of the archipelago has quite big open sea areas and can be windy.


Paddling equipment, sauna on Kråkskär, all meals, tent. Take water bottle and sleeping bag with you.
Your luggage, tents, meals etc. will be transported with boat. For those who do not like to paddle round trip you can hop on bord either to Kråkskär or the return.


In tent


195 €/person, min 3 persons


Sleeping bag 30€

Stay previous or the night after the trip at Pensar Syd, rates here

Ride the waves of the Archipelago National park - Welcome to join us!

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