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Archipelago military history

Tours in archipelago nature of Pensar. Partly we follow old gun trails made when the civil guard was at Pensar. Ball bearings shot, or Lotts soft drink is served at the panorama spot. We recommend normal condition and hiking shoes or similar.

Lotta & her promise

1 hour, 130€ (up to 25-30persons)

Pensar´s own Lotta will take you on a guided tour and back in time when the Lotta Svärd organisation were active at Pensar, about 1930-1944.The walk can be made in easier or more demanding surrounding, depending on the group. Ball bearings shot or a non alcoholic Lotta soft drink wll be served.

Gun Powder walk

1,5hours, 150€ (up to 25-30persons)

A tour back in tme to when the Cvil Guard was at Pensar. A not so known part of the Finnish history, but interesting. Following old gun trails we will climb up the hill and in front of us the Archipelago National park will open its vaste seascape. Bell bearngs shot s served. The surrounding s middle demanding.

Join us on the tour a step back in time!

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