Pensar Syd Oy

Pensar Ängvik 181

21660 Nauvo

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Program and Activities

Ride the roads and the waves of the Archipelago - Pensar Syd offers inspiring program, experience and adventure".

You can choose an excursion to the Archipelago national park by boat or kayak, take part in one of our baking courses - creative baking with sourdough. Or gather your own group for yoga, antigymnastique, water colour painting, writing etc. course. Or enjoy kayaking, rowing, bicykling. You can bring your own kayak or rent one. Rowingboats are included in the accommodationfee. Tradtitional Finnish sauna by the sea or historical walks with your guide are also options.

All this in combination with vacation, meeting or as a separate excursion.

Welcome to Pensar Syd - the "strawberryfields" of the Archipelago!

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