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Pensar Syd

Petter found a cosy guest house in Åre, Sweden - Pensionat Mullfjället. Nowadays you are welcome to Pensar Syd May - September and Pensionat Mullfjället December-April.


For us the nature is a resource - we aim to live i harmony with it!

Our restaurant serves local and organic food with pure tastes
We cooperate with providers in the area to get the best possible ingredients with good taste and good for our health. Always organic when possible.

Clean Accommodation!
​We clean our apartments and villas with fibre cloths and olivesoap. We use rentalsheets because we are so close to the sea that washing on the spot would escalate the water pollution. And as all of us also we are happy to offer swimming in clean sea water!

Waste management
Eat organic food and let it pass through your body to then come out again as organic raw material for the nature! For this purpose we offer you ecological Dry Toilets, DT. We maintain them with discipline and care. Waste we separate; metal-, glass-, and paperwaste. And biowaste from the restaurant is composted. With these and other actions we try to enable us to live in a clean environment also in the future!


​1930-1944 Pensar Syd was a training area for the civil guard (for men) - Skyddskåren and the organisation Lotta Svärd (for women). Our buildings are from the 1930:s, except for our smaller sauna. We have on our premises a unique monument risen by the civil guard of the archipelago in 1938. Risen to honour the battles fought in the archipelago 1918, during the Finnish civil war.

Try our guided tours
Gunpowder walk or Lotta and her promise. 1.5-10.9 our exhibition of the history is open daily.


Eva & Petter

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