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By own rental boat

Our position on the GPS-system is 60°8'18"N and 22°6'48" E chart page 709 on the national nautical chart.

Pensar Syd is a sheltered harbour between the islands Pensar, Penö and Svinö.

Approaching from the west, south and north

There is a channel or route passing Pensar on the western side. It is easy to find Your way from the channel to our main pier.

Harbour depth 1-6m depending on pier and place. Phone in advance to make sure you choose the right place for your boat. Harbour Captain, Petter Karlsson, p. +358-50-5909291

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Approaching from the east

With a normal sized sailing boat and motor boat it is possible to approach Pensar Syd from the east. There is a nasty underwater rock between Tärnören and Pensar. It is not marked. In the sound strait between Haraholm and Pensar there is a visible over water rock. Go on the southern side of the rock. In the sound the depth is 1,5 m. We recommend to circle around Häraholm (Haraholm) to the western approach.

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